The Big Five Birds of Babanango Game Reserve

If you consider yourself an avid bird watcher, then Babanango Game Reserve will be the closest thing you’ll find to paradise. With over 300 bird species calling the reserve home, Babanango boasts some of the best of KZN wildlife. Each species plays an integral role in the reserve’s ecosystem, but five species catch our eye (and our hearts) in particular. We present the unofficial “Big Five Birds” of Babanango Game Reserve. The African Fish Eagle In Babanango, the majestic African Fish Eagle reigns as a formidable bird of prey. With a wingspan reaching 2 meters and a weight of up to 3.5 kilograms, its presence commands attention among all other specials of KZN wildlife. Distinguished by its striking plumage, featuring a white head, neck, and tail, contrasted against a brown and black body, its appearance and distinctive territorial nature make it a captivating sight. Both males and females share a

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