Babanango Game Reserve: Rewilding Project Update of our Big Five Game Reserve

Over the last seven years, Babanango Game Reserve has embarked on one of the largest game translocation projects in the country, selectively sourcing over 3,000 large mammal species and sensitively reintroducing them back to 20,000 ha of previously overgrazed wilderness, the heart of Zululand. As a newly established Big Five game reserve, it has been a joy and a privilege to watch the animals adapt to their new home. Read on for the latest updates! Lions Our Babanango male lions have officially been with us for 434 days and have established a territory spanning nearly half the reserve. Their frequent vocalisations echo across the valleys, marking their dominance, a sure sign of their comfort in their new environment. To aid our conservation efforts and due to the sensitive nature of the rewilding project, we use tracking devices to monitor all our lions, focusing on their movements and overall health. One

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